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New Teddy Bear
For Kids
New York, NY, USA

New Teddy Bear. Bulletin board for job search, purchase and sale of goods, advertising of services and goods. Modern design and convenience! buy bear, bear in usa, store bears. This page is an example of placing an ad. Our portal is designed to place ads. Here you can find a job for both students and professionals, such as programmers, in a well-known company where the salary can be ten times higher than at the previous place of work. MacBook Pro 16. This is a bulletin board where you can find an employer and work in an American and European company, with the right salary, or post your resume. You can also view ads in Chicago, Miami City, Los Angeles, Seattle and Boston, as well as in different states, from Florida to California and around the world

Common work
Driver, (Required to have a license)
Truck Driver — (Trucker, US CDL required)
The hairdresser
Taxi driver
Plumbers, electricians
Catering (waiters, bartenders, dishwashers, cooks)
Nanny and housekeeper
car mechanic
office worker

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