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Jobs for woman in the USA for full and part time

Jobs for woman in the USA for full and part time

Jobs for woman in the USA, including those without knowledge of English. Search for jobs for girls on our US job board. Various positions. New vacancies on our website for you!

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Why is it profitable for people from all over the world to go to work in the USA?

  • The unemployment rate in the US is very low.
  • There are good salaries in the USA.
  • The employer protects his employee with various social subsidies
  • Thoughtful and convenient emigration system.
  • Many citizens and companies with employees from all over the world.
  • Opportunity to gain new knowledge.
  • Opportunity to see the world.

    Possible vacancies for people from around the world in the USA:

    To begin with, let’s take a closer look at unskilled work where you can work without knowing the language — this is a cleaner, driver, nanny, nurse, kitchen assistant and others. Upon arrival, it can be attractive to work as a maid in hotels. The work includes: cleaning the premises, cleaning the toilets, changing linen and much more. This job requires women and men under the age of 50 years.

    In addition, vacancies for assistants in the kitchen are common, where you need to clean the kitchen, wash the floors and take out the trash. This is a job for women and men up to 45 years old. Pay from $8.5 per hour. This is a 50 hour work week.

      You can also find such vacancies as a cleaning lady in supermarkets. Night work expected. This job is suitable for men and women. At the same time, payment from $ 1,400 per month, with seven days of work at night. Daily house and apartment cleaning. This is a job for women girls, age no more than 55 years. 12 hour working day.

      For work in restaurants and cafes, waiters are constantly required, as well as assistants to waiters. This is a job for women and men aged 21-40 with good external data. You can get a job in restaurants of immigrants from your country without a good knowledge of English, in others knowledge of English is required. Pay from $8 per hour.

      A large selection of vacancies are vacancies for nannies and housekeepers in the USA. Required women under 55 years old without bad habits and with good manners. Payment from 300-350$ weekly.

      Jobs for specialists in the USA

      There is also a wide range of vacancies for professionals. Nowadays, even without knowing English, you can get a job in a company that is increasingly opening in different US cities. Here is a list of the most common areas of application of their knowledge in American companies: education, librarianship, social sciences, social services and consulting; business, management, finance and trade; Culture and art; Media and communications; biomedical and biological sciences; administrative and legal activities; science, architecture, engineering, industrial specialties and mathematics; tourism and hotel business. Many vacancies are also offered in the USA for doctors, where their work is valued by a good salary. Immigrants often have to undergo retraining.

      Cities such as New York and Chicago are especially popular in the United States for finding work for both women and men, there are always a lot of vacancies. You can always find high-paying jobs in Los Angeles, but this city has high prices for rent and purchase of housing. California is a paradise for programmers and other IT people. There is a lot of work in Florida, Miami, Tampa and other cities, but you need to take into account the specifics of this state, there are many cafes and restaurants, very often you need work in hotels and hostels, where those who come to relax and swim in the ocean live, as well as at a construction site . On our site there are vacancies in such cities as: San Francisco, Seattle, Washington. You can always find work in Houston. Philadelphia Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego and San Antonio are popular. The site can post various vacancies in the city of Boston and Baltimore, as well as in other cities and countries of the world.

      Here are some requirements for candidates: Age 20-30 years old; fluency in English, it is possible to take a test, which is also possible via the Internet. Suitable certificates — TOEFL (at least 213 points for a computer version, 550 points for a paper version), TOEIC (from 760 points), SLEP (more than 50 points); special education for an internship (at least two years of study), or with work experience in this field.


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