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Jobs in Miami and Florida. New vacancies in 2023

Jobs in Miami and Florida. New vacancies in 2023

Jobs in Miami and Florida. Miami is a city located on the Atlantic coast in southeast Florida in Miami-Dade County. Miami is the 43rd largest city in the United States with a population of 433,136. It is the second largest (after Jacksonville) city in Florida and is the largest metropolitan area in the southeastern United States. The symbolic name of this place is “the capital of Latin America”.

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Many immigrants and residents of the country go to Florida to live and work in the US on the Atlantic coast, surrounded by palm trees and clean sandy beaches. Attractions include a variety of national parks and museums. Employment in Miami will provide a sea of ​​unforgettable emotions and experiences that this multicultural city with very eccentric residents guarantees.

Capital of finance and business
Miami is one of the most important financial centers in the USA. It is a major center for commerce, finance and large multinational business groups.
Downtown Miami and South Florida have the largest concentration of international banks in the United States and are also home to many major national and international companies.

Television and Music Industry Miami
Miami is the premier television hub for Spanish-language television. Companies such as Univision, Telemundo and TeleFutura are headquartered in the city, as well as their production studios. Telemundo Television Studios produces most of the original programming for Telemundo, such as telenovelas and talk shows.

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Tourism in Miami and Florida
Tourism is also an important part of Miami’s economy. The combination of beaches, conferences, festivals and events attracts more than 38 million visitors to the city, spending more than $17 billion annually. The Miami Beach area in the south part of the city is known as one of the most nightclubs, beaches, historic buildings and shops. Annual events such as the Miami Masters, Art Basel, Winter Music Conference, South Beach Wine & Food Festival and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami attract millions of visitors each year. In 2008, the city was recognized by Forbes magazine as “America’s Cleanest City” for clean air, large park areas, clean drinking water, clean streets, and ongoing city recycling programs.

Population of Miami
According to the 2010 census, Miami had a population of 340,000, with a population growth of 10.2% in the previous 10 years. 72.6% of them are white, including 60.7% of white Hispanics. 70% of the population are Hispanics, mostly Cubans, there are also refugees from Central America who fled the wars in the 1980s (Hondurans, Nicaraguans, Salvadorans). African Americans are 19.2%, Asians are 1%, and Indians are 0.3%. The remaining 6.8% represent other peoples or are of mixed origin[47]. Only 12% of whites are non-Hispanic, and their numbers have been growing in recent years.
In 2000, 66.75% of the inhabitants declared Spanish as their mother tongue, 5.2% – Haitian. English is native to only 25.45% of Miami’s population, which is one of the lowest rates in the US. Over two-thirds of the local population is fluent in Spanish. Therefore, in order to find a job in Miami in some sectors of the economy, knowing English alone may not be enough. In general, Americans are quite welcoming and friendly people. Regardless of their country of origin and native language, many foreigners feel at home in Florida.

Major cities in Florida as of July 1, 2004

  • Jacksonville 777.7
  • Miami 379.7
  • Tampa 321.8
  • St. Petersburg 249.1
  • Hialeah 224.5
  • Orlando 205.6
  • Fort Lauderdale 164.6
  • Tallahassee 156.6
  • Pembroke Pines 150.1
  • Hollywood 144.5
  • Coral Springs 128.4
  • Cape Coral 128.0
  • Port St. Louis 118.4

Search for vacancies. How to find a job in Miami

Jobs in the city in 2023 are available for both highly skilled workers and job seekers without special qualifications. A large number of labor migrants find vacancies in Miami and Florida as nannies, nurses, waitresses, drivers, housekeepers and so on. Ethnic and cultural diversity allows specialists from abroad to quickly adapt to a new environment and not feel like a stranger.
Jobs in Miami are available in the field of tourism, trade, entertainment, in representative offices of international companies, the construction industry, the service sector and some other areas. Mostly highly qualified specialists are required, but there are jobs for unskilled workers from abroad.
Potential labor migrants moving to Miami should be prepared for a tropical climate with hot, humid summers and warm winters. Harsh cold weather lovers would do well to consider working in Alaska, while a more temperate climate will become available if a job is filled in New York.
Many are impressed by the contrast of Miami. This is expressed in the difference in the standard of living and incomes of residents of different parts of the city. Wealthier areas are much better funded, including health care and education. By the way, American universities occupy the highest places in the world in terms of the quality of education. The list of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country includes the University of Miami. The infrastructure in the city is at the highest level, however, sometimes there are difficulties with public transport. Many people prefer to travel by car.

Colleges and Universities in and around Miami:

Barry University (English) Russian. (private)
• University of Carlos Albizu (English) Russian. (private)
• Florida International University (public)
• Florida Memorial University (eng.)rus. (private)
• Johnson and Wales University (English) Russian. (private)
• Keyser University (English) Russian. (private)
• Manchester Business School (English) Russian. (branch, English public)
• Culinary Institute of Miami (English) Russian. (public)
• Miami-Dade College (public)
• Miami International University of Art and Design (English) Russian. (private)
• Southeastern Nova University (eng.)rus. (private)
• St. Thomas University (Florida) (English) Russian. (private)
• Talmudic Universityen
• University of Miami (private)

Work in Miami and the USA for foreigners

For official work in Miami in 2022, foreigners must first find a US employer and obtain one of the available work visas from the US diplomatic department. Depending on the profession and duration of activity in the country, a huge number of visas are provided for the employment of foreigners.
For example, for skilled workers with higher education, there is the popular H-1B visa, which is issued for 3 years and can be extended for the same period. For executives and senior managers, the L-1 visa is valid, for temporary employment (1-3 years) H-2B. For each category of work visas in the United States, there are special requirements and quotas may be introduced. Read more about this on the official website of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). A foreigner will be able to live and work freely in Miami with a US Green Card.
An important role in job creation is played by the geographical location of Miami, namely the proximity to Latin America and the Caribbean. The same factor contributes to increased competition for vacancies in Miami. Unemployment in the city is kept at 4-5%, which is the national average.

In addition to a good command of English, and preferably Spanish, a decent job in Miami requires serious qualifications and experience. In most cases, in order to be officially employed in Florida, a company must prove to local authorities that there are no specialists among Americans capable of performing the tasks. It is very difficult to convince the employer of your competitive advantages.
A huge number of banks, offices of multinational companies and large American employers are concentrated in Miami. For example, Burger King, Carnival Corporation, Holland & Knight, Bacardi and Interval International. In general, the city is one of the most important business and financial centers, where US business is actively operating and investors from many other countries come. Look for job opportunities on the official websites of companies, leave a resume (according to American standards) and offer your services.
Do not forget that illegal work in Miami is strictly prohibited. Deportation and a ban on entry into the United States are guaranteed. If you can’t find a job in Miami without intermediaries, contact an American recruitment agency.

Job search in Miami through sites:

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Professional social network – linkedin.com
Miami Department of Human Resources – miamigov.com
Popular job search sites in Miami (Florida) and the USA
Websites of famous newspapers in the city of Miami
Miami Herald
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Salary in Miami and available vacancies

According to official data from US government departments, most of the available jobs in Miami are in education and healthcare. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for specialists from Russia to find vacancies for medical workers or teachers at American universities. Requires a higher education recognized in the United States, very often you need to retrain again and receive additional certificates. Other popular areas for employment are tourism, trade and transport.
Currently, the median salary in Miami is around $52,708 per year. And this despite the fact that, according to a study by Go Banking Rates, for a comfortable life in the United States, you need to earn at least $ 77,057. There is no such significant difference in any other US city.
Among salaried workers in Miami, the following classification of monthly wages is adopted: high – $ 9,500, medium – 4,500, low – 1,400.
Available jobs in Miami in 2023 are mainly related to the tourism industry and trade. In the field of unskilled work, retail sales assistants, maids, waitresses, bartenders, cook assistants, and so on are often required. In rare cases, men can get a job as drivers, and girls are offered jobs in Miami on cruise ships or yachts. Sometimes nurses and nannies are needed. Wages here are in the range of 1.5-2 thousand dollars a month. Many job seekers find work in the giant Port of Miami. As in other countries, there is a demand for good programmers and managers in large international companies. Creative professionals have a chance at employment in Miami in the music and television industry.

Rental housing in Miami

When planning to rent property in Miami, consider not only its location, but also the number of bedrooms. Average rental price in the city:
1 bedroom downtown – $1,750;
• 1 Bedroom Out of Center – $1,150;
• 3 bedroom downtown – $2,150;
• 3 bedrooms outside the center – $1,750.

The highest rental prices in the Miami Beach resort area: the closer to the sea, the higher the prices for renting and buying real estate.


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