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Rent of apartments, houses and rooms. How to rent property in the USA.

Rent of apartments, houses and rooms. How to rent property in the USA.

Our site helps those who need to rent a house, those who have moved to live in the United States of America, or have decided to move to another state for work or other reasons. Rent of apartments, houses and rooms. How to rent real estate in the USA? With our help, you can place your ad for rent, or an ad about the desire to rent an apartment, room, or house. The choice of a place for temporary residence is one of the questions that the site globhit.com will help to solve. You can find an ad and rent an apartment in different cities and states of the USA for a month, a year, or for another period, or rent out your home.

The site contains ads for renting apartments in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Miami and other American cities. One-room, two-room, three-room four-room apartments are offered for rent. In addition, you can rent or rent a house, room, commercial property, parking space or garage.

There are several ways to rent a home in the US: rent through intermediaries or directly. Turning to agents that can be easily found on the Internet, you will be offered options for every taste and budget, you just have to choose. Of course, you will have to pay a commission. If you want to rent a house in the United States inexpensively and without extra expenses, then you have to search on your own. You can find offers from the owner on sites like craiglist, as well as on our portal.

The cost of renting real estate in the USA

The cost of renting a property depends on many factors: state, season, area, as well as the length of stay. For example, the same apartment in Miami will cost about $1.6 thousand/month, in New York – $2.9-3 thousand, and in Dallas – $1.1 thousand. Also be aware that utilities can pay extra – and it is better to find out this question in advance.
To independently search for an apartment or house for rent in America, we recommend focusing on the following points:

  • location;
  • security.
  • terms of an agreement
  • rent price
  • availability of good schools

Property location

The location of the property is very important, the prices for renting an apartment very much depend on where you plan to stay. For real estate, for example, in the state of Texas, you can pay a much smaller amount than in California. Before you rent a house, study the options for the availability of infrastructure, convenience of location, transport interchange and safety of living. The price of an apartment can be different even in the same city within the same district. There are quite a few factors that influence this. Therefore, you should carefully study the proposals.


Renting an apartment in the US is not easy. Property owners often ask about what type of accommodation you’ve rented before. This is the so-called rental history. This is done in order to find out how good a tenant you are, whether there were any problems. In addition, property owners are often interested in credit history and tax returns. This is done in order to find out how solvent you are. Thus, the owners of apartments are trying to play it safe. After all, if problems arise, for example, with improper maintenance or payment, the tenant can only be evicted through the courts.
If you decide to rent an apartment in the US for the first time, then be prepared for the fact that the owner may require payment for several months in advance. It is worth asking if this includes utilities and what additional costs are coming.
On the site globhit.com you can rent an apartment directly without intermediaries, in addition to offers from real estate agencies, we also place private ads from apartment owners. In addition, you can always place your own ad about the search, or renting out your housing.

The bulletin board of the site contains advertisements for long-term and daily rentals. Prices for renting apartments depend on many factors: the number of rooms, location, floor and others. You can choose to search for apartments by map, area, price, area and other parameters. Our support service is always ready to help you and advise you on all issues.

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